Visual AI & Virtual World Paradigm

“Making personal realistic avatar with visual AI technology, Vdigm creates the newest paradigm of metaverse world.”

* RAvatar (Responsive AI Avatar)  : a new brand name of Vdigm’s realistic AI avatar that can talk, move, and react.


RAvatar World

Step 1

RAvatar World Mobile App

Virtual Stage

Responsive AI avatar

Realistic Media 3D Asset

Deep Real

Step 2

RAvatar Studio PC authoring tool

Register 3D character/avatar, animation data by using authoring tool

Register 3D data of virtual space by using authoring tool

Register 3D object data such as 3D clothes, pet, mobility, etc. by using authoring tool

Step 3

Building up for experiential marketing solution like as realistic exhibition hall

RAvatar Metaverse is

  • AI-based metaverse service for YouTube and TikTok generation
  • AI-based personal realistic metaverse service that supports short-form content making

Service supports to:

  • solve various difficulties may occurred in solo broadcast environment such as location recruitment, prop preparation, guest recruitment, etc. for short-form video production
  • make users generate personal 3D realistic avatar by using selfie without any other professional 3D photoshoot studio
  • create short-form video by simulating expecting situation with avatar and space when actual video shoot is hard to filmed.
  • provide simulation of constructing virtual showroom, so that maximize customer’s purchase desire
  • exhibition hall solution built to be experienced much more efficiently in metaverse than the exhibition hall in real world.

AI Solutions :

RAvatar Metaverse

Generate 3D personal avatar based on

2D image by deep learning

Generate personal avatar by using image filmed user’s smartphone, web camera, or etc.

  • Technology possession: database construction for restoration, restoration based on AI, avatar generation technique reflected user’s style

Image acquisition by selfie

user’s image acquisition

Restoration based on AI

deep learning network design and learning

Database construction for avatar learning

multiple view database (3D model +multiple view color/depth video)

Avatar generation based on deep learning

restored avatar sample

Responsive AI avatar ‘RAvatar’

* RAvatar (Responsive AI Avatar) : a new brand name of Vdigm’s realistic AI avatar that can talk, move, and react.

Applying field


RAvatar Tutor for foreign language

Language educational service that AI avatar naturally communicates with users and teaches

ex. AI Avatar Tutor


RAvatar Stylist

Be a model in a fashion show of metaverse runways
Clothes recommendation considering weather, schedule, and trend

ex. AI Avatar Stylist

Virtual Stage Manager

Users can use the AI ​​butler avatar called ‘Stage Manager’ to configure a virtual studio with a desired background.

ex. Virtual Studio set up by instructing the Stage Manager

ex. Virtual studio setting with outdoor background

* Stage Manager : An AI butler avatar that provides a virtual studio setting function so that users can easily create short-form video content in the mobile app.

Deep Real

* Deep Real is the technology that adjust avatars or characters to look natural in a realistic virtual space by using deep learning.

ex. Edit technique development for avatar/character in AR environment

ex. Edit technique development for avatar/character in AR environment

 Applying Deep Real:

to illustrate 3D avatar/characters naturally with others and background of video content generated by AI avatar solution in AR environment

to illustrate 3D avatar/characters naturally to the realistic background of short form video contents based on metaverse service



We hope we enable users to

  • participate in short-form video as their own Avatar / Appearance of new
    metaverse contents
  • use avatars for making web comics and novels by expanding short-form video contents


Promote and construct environment for global service

expand and localize to North America and Europe


Growth acceleration of realistic metaverse service

expand the applicability of imaging content for web comics and novels publication


Be a Unicorn

step up to the best representative service linked to the
real world in metaverse



05   Founded Vdigm, inc.

07   Completed the development of AI Avatar Tutor solution

11  Got a supply contract of ‘AI Tutoring service platform development, Unity3D’   with LG CNS


07   Participated in the national project to promote the construction of data for AI learning (3D object data) by the National Information Society Agency (NIA)

10   Supplied ‘Personal 3D-realistic Avatar generate solution used deep learning’ with DodreamTech, Inc.


02   Re-selected as ‘AI Yangjae-Hub membership enterprise’

03   Selected for AI Voucher support project of ‘National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)’ by means of RAvatar Metaverse solution supply plan

04   Attracted investment from Venture Square, Inc.

06   Participated in ‘TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startup)’ of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups



  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • AI/ML


  • Virtual Human Design
  • 3D Background Design
  • UI/UX Design

Service & Business

  • Metaverse Service Planning
  • Service Management
  • Marketing

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